Each Saint Thomas Pen is individually made by hand, my hand, Shaun Huberts, in my grandpa’s old workshop located in North Vancouver, BC Canada. I hand pick the woods and put them together myself while hoping to get something unique, while still uniform, in each and every pen.

Saint Thomas Pens are a piece of art! They are made NOT ONLY for function, but almost more for INSPIRATION. When you see this pen, it is my hope that it inspires you to pick it up and be creative! They are made to create so much greatness, but they are also just meant to be used! So if you get inspired to jot down a kick-ass grocery list, then, VOILA, this pen will do that for you! Sign a wedding registry? Yup, that too, AND while in style!


The Name:

“Saint Thomas” is named after my late grandfather, Thomas Lesley Lewis Ellis, a fascinating and wonderfully creative man who spent his years making jewelry and other fine arts. After his workshop was passed on to me, I sent out on a mission, inspired by his creativity and skill, to make something of my own; something that would make him proud. So here we are today, and introducing to you, Saint Thomas Pens.

Love you grandpa.


Both styles, the Duke and Duchess are made predominantly of African Ebony, a very dark wood that I intend to blend in seamlessly to the black metal tips, and only when holding it in your own hand do you notice that it is actually a stunning, dark wood. Then, the tip (on the Duke) or the centre (on the Duchess) has an ‘eye-catching’ piece of wood for a pleasant, or flashy contrast.  The choice of ‘wood flare’ is up to you as to how much pizazz you want; keep the entire pen subtle with darker woods or jump into a maple burl that looks closer to a leopard print, all while keeping the same shape and feel, and always staying true to being 100% classy, and intended for each and every situation.


Perfect for signing important documents,
Perfect for those of you who like “the way things were”
Perfect for signing the deal of your life,
Perfect for signing your wedding registry,
Perfect for impressing your friends,
Perfect for writing a love note to your sweetheart,
Perfect as a gift for a special client,
Perfect for signing over a check to charity for 1 million dollars,
Perfect as a gift for those who appreciate quality,
Perfect for making long to-do lists,
Perfect for crossing off items from long to-do lists,
Perfect for putting in your will,
Perfect for doodling,